People Make Better Decisions With Financial Advisors

A recent article in Investment News by Liz Skinner quoted Robert Shiller, a well-known Yale Economist and Nobel Laureate, as saying “Everyone needs an advisor.”  He stated “lack of good financial advice was one of the problems that led to the financial crisis.”

“Mr. Shiller, who won the prize in economic sciences in October for his work suggesting markets are largely driven by human psychology, also said financial advice should be readily available to the masses, not just the wealthy.

It’s particularly critical for low- and moderate-income families to get professional advice, he said, likening the need for financial advice with the need for health care.”

Our goal at Financial Freedom Planners and the Garrett Planning Network is to do precisely that:  Make objective quality financial advice accessible and affordable to all, irrespective of net worth, investable assets, or income level.

“Financial advice is much more on par with medical advice,” Mr. Shiller said. “People who have needs will spend a lot of money on both.”

“We treat financial advice similarly to medical advice at Financial Freedom Planners,” said Founder and CEO Chuck Roberts.  “We have a specific planning process in place for each client called Building A Brighter Financial Future™.  In addition we offer ongoing services after the initial plan.  Not only are we dedicated to our client’s financial well being, but many times we can save them money in the short and long term.  This is accomplished through client education, and we recently discussed investment fees  and their impact on people’s money.”

There is “as-needed” help out there for people confronted with financial decisions in their daily lives.  Some examples are:

  • New options/decisions in your 401 (k)
  • 401 (k) reviews to make certain my decisions reflect my goals and risk tolerance
  • Defining your retirement goals and crafting a plan to make it happen
  • Determining whether you can afford a new home and how to do it
  • How much life insurance do I need?
  • What are the risks for disability and do I have a plan in place?
  • Am I prepared for the possibility of Long-Term Care for myself or a parent?
  • College education funding for your children or grandchildren
  • Whether to purchase a new car or other significant item
  • Are my spending habits in line with my future?

These are just a few financial decisions people come across in everyday life.  We can help!

Remember, “It Doesn’t Take A Fortune to Build One”


About Charles Roberts, CFP®

Founder & CEO, Financial Freedom Planners™
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