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What We Worry About: Top Three Financial Worries People Have

The number one worry is unlikely to surprise anyone reading this blog, and that is retirement. According to a recent Gallup poll, “A firm majority of Americans, 59%, are worried about not having enough money for retirement, surpassing eight other financial matters.” … Continue reading

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How Much Money Do I Need To Use A Financial Advisor?

A comment we hear frequently from people is “I really don’t think I have enough money to use a Financial Advisor.” Dylan Ross, CFP® discussed this recently in an article on the Garrett Planning Network website.  “At what point does it make sense … Continue reading

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What is a Garrett Planner?

Financial planners who are members of the Garrett Planning Network are sometimes referred to as “Garrett Planners.” But, other than the obvious membership affiliation, what does that mean? The short answer Here is what every Garrett Planner has in common: … Continue reading

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