How Much Money Do I Need To Use A Financial Advisor?

A comment we hear frequently from people is “I really don’t think I have enough money to use a Financial Advisor.” Dylan Ross, CFP® discussed this recently in an article on the Garrett Planning Network website.  “At what point does it make sense to use a financial planner? Is there a certain amount of money you should be making? Do you need to have enough invested for advice to be usable? At what dollar value could your financial decisions benefit from professional advice. What is/are those threshold amounts?”

Ross goes on to suggest “these questions are better answered in terms relative to your household’s finances rather than looking for a specific dollar amount.” Perhaps a better question to ask is what kind of or how much advice is needed?  Many Financial Advisors are focused primarily on investable assets, rather than the periodic financial questions we are all confronted with from time to time.  Many Financial Planners and have established minimum asset requirements.

If you have financial questions, need help evaluating options, or are confronted with an important financial decision, you may benefit from professional advice.

We provide a growing alternative at Financial Freedom Planners that is resonating with people from all walks of life.  That alternative is offering affordable, objective, experienced and accessible financial advice on your terms when you need it.  We’re redefining the value proposition of financial advice one client at a time.

Remember: “It Doesn’t Take A Fortune To Build One”


About Charles Roberts, CFP®

Founder & CEO, Financial Freedom Planners™
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