Why POTUS Is Proud Of The Founder Of Garrett Planning Network

Last week was noteworthy as proud members of the Garrett Planning Network!  President Barack Obama singled out Sheryl Garrett as “an adviser who puts clients’ interests first” in a speech last week.  Sheryl is the founder of Garrett Planning Network (GPN), and some of you met her when she helped us launch Financial Freedom Planners here in Richmond, VA.

President Barack Obama singled out Sheryl Garrett as an adviser who puts clients’ interests first in his speech February 23 that backed tougher investment-advice standards for brokers who handle retirement plans.

We have been members of GPN since the beginning, and are beyond excited about Sheryl receiving such recognition.  You may be aware Financial Freedom Planners acts as a fiduciary on behalf of our clients. This sets us apart from many financial advisors out there.

The speech was at an AARP meeting in Washington DC discussing the fiduciary matter, and whether more advisors should be held to this high standard. It was there Sheryl was acknowledged by the President of the United States, and the link to the clip is here.

Sheryl said she had spoken with a White House speechwriter earlier this month, was called by the president’s office just before the AARP meeting, and asked to attend the speech. According to InvestmentNews she said, “I had no imagination that the president would quote me, let alone ask me to stand up,” she said, calling it a very surreal experience.

In addition there is a brief video from the Department of Labor that does a great job explaining why the president cited Sheryl and our network as “one of the good ones.”

Pretty incredible that the founder of our network was acknowledged eight times by the President of the United States! Please spread the word about our firm and the way we do business…we’re never too busy for your referrals.  Also give us a call if there is anything we can do for you.



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