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Busting 5 Big Retirement Myths

Urban legends, urban myths, and the latest that’s on everyone’s lips–fake news. Whatever you call it, in our age of information, claims of spurious repute can go viral in minutes. Anyone with a PC can start a blog and offer … Continue reading

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Why POTUS Is Proud Of The Founder Of Garrett Planning Network

Last week was noteworthy as proud members of the Garrett Planning Network!  President Barack Obama singled out Sheryl Garrett as “an adviser who puts clients’ interests first” in a speech last week.  Sheryl is the founder of Garrett Planning Network … Continue reading

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Do I Need a Financial Planner?

It’s not your father’s retirement any more!  Generally speaking, gone are the days you worked for the same company a long period of time, got the gold watch, and collected a pension during your retirement years.  Today many things are … Continue reading

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